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    Samantha Parent

    As a person I am persuasive 25% of the time and argumentive 75% of the time! Both are self explanatory and yes, it is a bad character trait that I have to frequently shut off. I would have to say that my favorite writing style would be narrative! There are so many different directions the writer could take you, filling your mind with sceneries and enough details that you can literally see the story play out right before your eyes. Whether it is a short story or a novel, I tend to forget everything else and submerge myself into the story. If only I could be creative and write as well as others. Expository and analytical writing are both extremely informative but very time consuming when you have to investigate the subject in which you are writing about. For me, it would have to be a topic that I enjoy. If it does not peak my interest I find that I lose focus and forget what I have already read. For example, I become like Dog from the movie UP when it comes to squirrels!

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