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    Sydney Feenstra

    The five types of writing styles are narrative, analytical, expository, persuasive, and, argumentative. Narrative is what most books are written in. Narrative is storytelling. Analytical writing is breaking down what you have read. Expository is used to inform or explain information. Persuasive writing in convincing that what the writer is saying is correct. Argumentative writing is having your thoughts on a topic and speaking on why your thoughts are right. I prefer to write in a narrative writing style. I find it is easier to write about something make believe.

    Natalie Hernandez

    i’m more of an expository writer but i love dabbing in narrative writing when i used to take part in role-playing groups. i used to love the challenge of taking a picture and writing a story based on what i saw. i could never write a full story by myself but when i role-played with others, we would come out with full stories that were filled with excitement.

    Casey Braley

    I’m not a fan of writing on a personal level. I do love to read make believe stories. I’m sure with other people I could be creative, but not writing by myself. I get easily distracted and then my story go in circles.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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