week 7

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    Hayden Nepper

    Well first off, the doctors had the meeting to discuss why the helicopter rescue team was cancelled. In one aspect I agree it should have been due to safety but overall, I think they shouldn’t have cancelled it. The doctors there were pretty mad, and I agree. It shouldn’t have been cancelled. The outcome for the patients at memorial hospital may have been a totally different story. The argument of the pets and patients was a little hard to put a thought together on. In my head I don’t think any living thing should have been chosen over each other. But in a hospital the first priority would be the patients. I don’t think putting the pets down would have made it easier to put the patients down. Like i said before the patients come first. And honestly the patients that survived in memorial hospital when they were getting loaded made a little relief because the patient would have had more supplies and resources to survive which all together would be better in all aspects.

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