Week 6

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    Hannah Daigle

    1. The hospital turned people away in need because they didn’t have any power or supplies to help their own patients, there was no way they could help more people. I don’t think race was a factor while they were turning patients away. The one and only person they took in was African American, Memorial didn’t have the supplies.

    2.It makes me sad that Dr. Cook euthanized the pets, but it was ethical. The animals were suffering and they would continue to suffer while being left alone in the hospital.

    3. I believe it is possible to hold the view that Merle Lagasse is dying of cancer and is a mother/grandmother. Cathy Green knew she was going to die, but she would still get treatments to make it easier for Merle to breathe, treat the patient as if that was your mother, it is someone’s mother. I think Dr. Cook acted unethically when he removed the mask and said no more treatments.

    4. The new phones that the hospital was given were not working, telephone wires were down. No one knew who was in charge, every organization stated another organization was in charge and it was a continuous circle. Also no one was sending updates on Memorials status, their power was out and patients are dying, but they were still low priority on the evacuation list, not one organization knew they lost power.

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