Week 10 Discussion

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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    How did the final count of patient deaths at Memorial Hospital compare to other health care facilities? The final death counts of the patient at Memorial hospital compared to other healthcare facilities were higher.
    What would Tenet have to show to demonstrate no wrongdoing with regard to patient deaths? Tenet would have to be open to an investigation, show medical records, and prove that the patients that died, did so naturally.
    How were families informed about the deaths of their loved ones by Tenet? The families were informed about the deaths of their loved ones. Dr. Skinner recorded the names and locations of the dead before leaving the hospital. He faxed that information to Tenet. It was stated that little was done with this information. After the attorney general’s office launched an investigation, the officials pointed out medical charts and had various employees contact the families of the deceased. Those calls were scripted with many rules to follow.
    What happened to the patients evacuated by Tenet busses and helicopters? Patients were evacuated to other Hospitals.
    What do the investigators learn from family members of the deceased? In the case, of Rosie Savoie: the family was shocked. Before the storm, Rosie had been up and recovering very well. Wilda MCMannus’s daughter did not feel that euthanasia was the right thing to do even as her mother was close to death. She was upset that nobody had asked her opinion. From the autopsy? The autopsy and toxicology showed high Morphine as well as Midazolam. Why is midazolam so important to this case? Morphine? The toxicology report was the most important piece of this puzzle. The investigators were waiting to hear the results. The morphine was found to be in higher than normal dosages. Midazolam is important because this is not a drug that is normally given. This is a drug that is given when intubated and under strict supervision, as life-saving measures would possibly need to be given.
    Discuss Butch Schafer’s mantra, “Don’t. Get. Emotionally. Involved” (265), taking into consideration his personal situation. Butch’s manta Don’t get emotionally involved had to do with losing his child. His child died from a medication overdose as she suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis. He would not let personal grief influence the investigation.

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