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    Akeem Shobukanla

    In the beginning, trying to learn a new skill of any sort abounds to struggling from every inch of it. There is nothing in this world that is given without duties and responsibilities. The most uncertain that often gate crashed our well-pre-planned world is the manifestation of the unknown that is beyond our control. But our ability to re-adjust our goals, objectives, and plans makes it more tolerable and fun to be living in the essence of it all. The awe of surprise in goodness and the shock of horrors as nail bitters or absolute knock-off is still the mysterious hands of life swaying us from every branch of it. Perhaps within its shade we will live and die but still, life goes on and on.
    In the gathering luncheon, we are required to learn how to hold our cutleries even through the spoils without dropping the balls. Nevertheless, one never knows what destiny has in store for one. The acts of true disciplines in the full context shall always be the necessity to scale opportunities when they present. Moreover, all we have is the oldest value of all time which is timeless in every form it connotes. Relatively, we might just be as good as a saint when humanity beckons yet our duty and responsibility to us.
    The daily struggles through the journey of this world are real as it gets to everyone. The reality of it is such that the stories have never been the same for everyone. It is noted in this world that the only habitable place for humans is this earth that we all have. Let us not forget that when the chips are down, and steam blows off we are who we are by the shared strength of our self-belief and total convictions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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