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    Kellie-Marie Hicks

    As I am reading this book I can just imagine if the author felt so overwhelmed while she was putting this book/idea or process into place, if she felt as if she would have been able to complete her book in the middle of a major natural disaster. To try and keep herslf not alone her mind calm to conduct the amount of interviews she went through with people and hoping she could capture all the raw emotions from what is happening, the facts, and the stories she must have collected.

    I can’t be in the author’s mind to wonder what she had going on up in there but delimmas that she must have faced or emotions she must have gone through i am thinking would be alot of her own emotions as what she is watching unfold and hearing the interviews and stories, wondering if society as a whole will make it through this hurricane, the sadness, the heartbreak, the death of many people, I can imagine she felt scared for everybody, and society as a whole.

    She is use to working under stressfull circumstances as her career has placed her in so many different scenarios she has worked in war zones and that alone is scary in itself, so she knows what is expexted and conducts her self accordingly.

    I think what is means by old knowledge is that fact that people were told to fill thier tubs with water and to bring a hammer with you so that you can break free of things if needed be.

    I would never want to have to be the one who would have to make the decision in such a horrific incident to decide who should live and whose lives didn’t, I am not to judge in one way or the other because the moral thought of it all must be hard as I work in the medical field because I enjoy helping people and are jobs are to help wherever we can so that would be hard to weigh on someones soul.

    The people who were exempt from the mandatory evacuations were the doctors and hospital staff.

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