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    Stacey Garcia

    Sheri Fink must of ran into of trouble writing this book.She had to interview 500 people and had to try facts or situations that sounded the same, she had to find fact and fiction and different opions or view points.I am sure some people viewed the situations differently then others .I would have a hard time organizing all those interviews into a book.

    The question that prologue’s me about Katrina and lack of preparation for the storm .It makes me question the hospital I work at now is it safe for all natural disasters ? Will I survive ?

    Some patients were given exaptons for mandatory evacuations due to medical condition .Memorial was seen in the community as a safe place or a safe building to stay in .The community came to the hospital in the past for different storms .This book makes us take a hard look at hospitals and see our readiness for any type of disaster.

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