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    Hayden Nepper

    I think Sheri fink when she did the interviews, the challenges of 500 interviews would have been listening to everyone’s thoughts an views on it when she had her own views. The challenge was to keep her own views to her self. No matter how bad she wanted to disagree with the people being interviewed. She had to listen to the reasoning of each person to find out what other people thought about memorial hospital Doctor Pou. It might seem like a little task to do but put yourself in her shoes you had to be neutral to all conversation’s and not let on to your thoughts. And my questions are why are some of the sickest patients taken last. Everyone deserves a chance an I would have prioritized the sickest patients first. They would have been the number one focus to me. Then after they were taken care of and saved I would have dealt with the people they thought would have had success with long-term living. The sickest patients should have went first to ensure they had every chance they could get to survive just like the other patients who weren’t in the worst health. And I think the doctors were put in the predicament’s because who are they to choose who dies and who lives. To me I would have followed protocol and tended to the sickest patients first.

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