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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) Based on what I have read so far in this novel, it would have been extremely challenging for Sheri Fink to interview 500 people to put this book together. Trying to get people emotionally ready to sit with her to account for this terrible event would have been a very difficult task. Sometimes people who are directly involved in a tragedy like what happened in Memorial Hospital don’t want to talk about an event like that because it brings a bad memory that could affect them mentally. Being able to interviewed 500 people is an excellent work. No matter how emotionally strong she was when conducting the interview, I think it would be traumatized to listen to people who were present at the memorial hospital when this disaster occurred.
    2) I wondered why the city didn’t prepare well for a situation like Hurricane Katrina? The city has experienced hurricane event in the past, that should have made them to be proactive and prepare for a worst case. Another question the prologue raised was why should they decided to rescue the sickest last? In an emergency situation like what happened in the Memorial Hospital, evacuating the sickest last was a wrong decision, they should have been prioritized. It is a pity that Dr. Johnny Thiele who had participated in an emergency and trauma situation in the past was not present in the meeting when they decided who to get to safety first, he would have advised them to rescue the sickest first.
    It is unfortunate that Dr. Pou and the other doctors found themselves in a position where they accepted murder of their patients was the best option to ease their suffering, it was a terrible situation. However, that doesn’t make the decision right. What they did was a crime, they have no right to take the life of those patients. The patients’ survival might look difficult and impossible, but we have heard about patient miraculously survived a long coma and terminal illness. With the doctors’ action, the patients had almost zero chance of surviving after the injection. Even Dr. Johnny Thiele knew what they were about to do was wrong and unethical, but they decided to do it anyway. If I were in the doctors’ position, I wouldn’t have done that. I would have care for the patients to the best of my ability and allow them to die naturally if death is inevitable at that circumstance.
    3) Hospital and Medical workers were exempted; Mayor wants them to stay and help those who might get hurt in the hurricane. Hotel workers were exempted also to serve tourists whose flight were cancelled. Another people asked to stay were sheriff’s office workers who are responsible to monitor prisoners at the parish jail.
    The old knowledge and custom were that people were advised to fill their upstairs bathtubs with water and that will be their source of drinking, bathing and toilet flushing after the storm.

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