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    Tyler Lawrence

    I think it is incredible that Sheri Fink was able to conduct over 500 interviews in order to write this historical book. I can only imagine just how difficult it was to track everyone down and listen to the stories they had of their experiences. One of the most impressive things in my opinion was how Sherri was able to keep record of each event and be able to construct a time-line to form a story that made sense to the reader.
    Some how Sheri still managed to keep her own opinions to her self and stick to the facts. A dilemma she faced would have been to speak with , listen to, and record all of these accounts without reacting or showing prejudice to the interviewee.
    The first question that comes to mind for me is how does someone justify being able to choose who to have rescued first? Why even in failing health or language / age barriers where those patients labeled as less of a priority. These doctors took it upon themselves to play god although they had all taken oaths to protect and care for their residents .. all of them. I think Dr. Pou justified her actions by thinking she was acting for the greater good. That if she didn’t essentially choose which patients to save many more would perish. Truthfully I am not entirely sure how I would have reacted in the situation . I can only imagine being put in that position and feeling that no matter which choice you made it meant peoples lives would likely end.
    The nurses and the doctors where given exemption of the mandatory evacuation. They where deemed essential because people where likely to seek shelter or help with injuries due to the storm. Prison staff & inmates as well as some hotels were also exempt. Some of the old knowledge presented in this book was to bring your family, food, and animals to the hospital with enough supplies for 3 days. If you did not evacuate and did not make it to the hospital don’t go to the attic, make sure you had an ax or a hammer to break free if trapped. Also to make sure you fill the bathtub full of water because there wont be any suitable drinking water.

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