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    Sheri Fink, faced so many challenges in order to craft the five days at memorial. One of the most significant challenges would have been gaining access to the the relevant people and information’s. As a journalist, Fink would have had to gain the trust of the hospital staffs, patients and family to obtain accurate and detailed accounts of what happened during those five days. It would have required sensitive and empathy, given the traumatic nature of the events.

    Fink, may have also struggled with the ethical dilemmas of representing people’s experiences in her writing. She would have had to balance the need to tell a compelling and accurate story with the responsibility to protect the privacy and dignity of the involved.
    She may have also face the challenges of dealing with conflicting accounts of events and reconciling these discrepancies in her narrative.

    Below are some of the questions the prologue raised:
    Why did the communication system break down hours after the hurricane Katrina?
    What problems existed for the people that were trapped in the city?
    Why did many people remain in New Orleans after there was an evacuation order?
    What hazards were posed by the floodwaters?

    Dr. Pou, believe help was not immanent, they focused their resources on patients with the best chances of survival so Dr Pou, met with other doctors and made a decision to euthanize nine patients who they felt had no possibility for survival.

    First of all, I will start by defining euthanize.
    Euthanize is the act or practice of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured person in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.
    Whenever given the circumstances, euthanizing patients will not be my last option or alternative because no matter what happens someone life is never yours to take. Exodus 20:13 says you shall not kill.

    Life care exclusively treated elderly patients,
    All 52 life care patients were exempted from the mandatory evacuation efforts: people might get hurt in the hurricane. If hospitals are closed things will turn worse. Essential hotel workers were exempted to serve them. Essential criminal sheriffs were also exempted, they were needed to keep their eyes on prisoners at the parish jail. They too were not being moved.

    Old knowledge and customs were filling up their bathtubs with water; after the the storm that would be the source for drinking, bathing and flushing toilets and they an axe or hammer so they could hack their way to their rooftops.

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