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    Lucy Guerra

    1) The small group of doctors decided to meet to talk about how unhappy they were that the hospital leaders turned down the chance for the helicopter rescue to keep going from Tuesday into Wednesday. The doctors decided to take action and start planning new ways for rescue. They would ask the leaders for a new triage for patients left in the hospital. In the official meeting, the chief financial officer told staff that private helicopters were being dispatched for rescue.

    2) Dr. Deichmann was against euthanizing people. Susan Mulderink, Dr. Pou, and Dr. Cook agree that they should euthanize the sickest and dying patients. My though was that they could have waited a day or two to decide because the hospital had already gotten word that rescue was coming.

    3) The tensions arising for caring for patients and pets were that Dr. Fournier and others were worried about their pets and whether they should be euthanized. Susan Mulderick was angry because it seemed the patients were not being cared for, and the pets were more of a priority in the hospital. I do think euthanizing the pets helped medical staff decide to euthanize patients because if it was okay not to have the pets suffer, why should the patients suffer?

    4) In chapter 7, reading that people were still being euthanized when rescue was already there gave me mixed feelings. Patients were in critical condition but deserved to have been helped. If Rodney Scott, who weighed more than 300 pounds, was airlifted to rescue, and who Dr. Cook assumed was dead the previous day, the others should have had a chance for survival.

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