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    Marisol Jaimez

    1)They gathered a small group of doctors that were on staff to go over what they say first hand saw happening in the overnight and what witnessed. One of the doctors stated how hard it has been for the nurse an staff to stay away for those patients that were really sick and couldn’t take care of themselves. I few of the doctors discussed how they were disappointed with the refusal of helicopters and didn’t understand why. The tension were going strong and everyone wanted to get out of there but all plans they came up with seem to be failing. Together they made a plan to take more assertiveness in action planning and triaging patients.

    2)Dr. Cook it totally fine with “letting people go” it seem almost second nature to him. Dr. Pou and Dr Cook work together to make a cocktail up for those patients that they feel are suffering and or are in pain and wont make it. Dr. Deichmann is against the thought of euthanasia patient or animals.
    My thoughts? ooof! I personal don’t think my morals would let me, give up on any of the patients. I would do by best to keep everyone a comfortable as I could and let them know honestly that we are trying our best. That we understand that is hard on them and that its hard all everyone and that we are trying. I don’t think I could make promises like some of the nurses did in lifecare living did to their patients. I would like to think that with open and honest concept and what to expect coming down the turnpike. The smell of waste, heat, lack of water, and patients passing on a daily bases would have been very hard for myself.

    3) Tension were high for some doctors and other were getting upset about the attention the pets were getting vs patients. Some of the doctors felt like its a hospital caring for patients and that should be the priority and the pets. Tension were also high as pets were euthanized before really waiting and see if later boats would allow pets to be allowed on the boat.
    I’m not sure if after euthanizing pets it made it easier for them to think it was ok for patients. I personal would not be able to do either or. I heart would have hurt beyond words and would hold out hopes that in the end everyone would be able to get out alive.
    4) I feel angary about some parts of this. As they load the last of the patients into the helicopter, thought run through my head that so many more people should have been saved and could have been. So i am tore about a lot of the aspect that went down. I think Dr Pou and Dr Cook to it to far to fast without really giving a full chance to every patient. They made the decision to end lives that they didn’t have rights to.

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