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    Lydia Jordan

    They met to discuss the events of the night prior and how everything went down because some people were unhappy and didn’t agree with the situation. Dr.Deichmann didn’t agree with the events and was upset of how things happened. Where Dr.Pou and Dr.Cook agreed with the idea of how things happened. Susan I think was a little biased, she didn’t like the idea because she felt bad for the patients and pets but I think she knew it had to happen that way. I think the pets were taking away care take for the patients so they had to do what was best for the patients in the long run over the pets. I think that euthanization was obviously sad but in the long run it made it able to help the rest of the patients and get them home safe as they were able to leave on the boat at the end of it once they got the care they were able to leave and I think the pets would have made it harder to provide the proper care to the other patients in the hospital.

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