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    Carine Mbilia

    1.They decide to meet and discuss about what happened a night before, because the hospital leader turned down the chance to continue the helicopter rescue. They were unhappy and also disagreement between them. The decision made was to wait the scheduled morning meeting to discuss options, and organize a more concerted rescue effort, so they could re-triage the remained patients.

    2.When they open conversation about euthanasia, Dr Deischmann disagree. She took a side that the idea shouldn’t not be considered because it’s illegal. Doctor Susan Mulderick think how could the doctor express more concern for pet than for patients all around her? we are talking about euthanizing the animals but not what we can do with patients: said Doctor Susan. And she later recalled they must rid the patients of their pain and dull their sense to the point they would no longer care they were smelling the feces they were lying in, that panting dogs were weaving past and linking their hands. Mulderick’s idea to medicate the patients found a champion in DR. POU, she thinks POu would know what to do with patients, she shared her feeling with POu and repeated that they were talking about animals but not about what they could do to help patients. According to their conversations, I think they were unhappy but the situation that they were in, didn’t give them another choice than think about euthanizing patients.

    3.The tension between caring for pets and caring for people was the worse smelling in the second-floor lobby. The fecal stench was intense. I think euthanizing patients didn’t help because it’s always said to know or to see someone loosing life. Especially in this condition that they had to exterminate them.
    4.I feel the emotion of being rescued in such a mortal disaster and coming out alive. It’s amazing to know that some patients leaves the hospital alive, especially Rodney Scott who was able to be successfully airlifted alive.

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