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    Natalia Virgin

    1. The small group of doctors gathers together to talk and discuss how they were doing the day before and what progress they making also updating
    themself on what they going to do that day and how to get things better and more efficient.
    2. DR. Deichmann disagreed with the idea.
    Susan Mulderink and Dr. Anna Pou with the same understanding of euthanasia simply tried to ease the pains
    and released the dying patients from
    suffering. Dr. Cook loves his dog, he simply does not want to see his pet suffers and he believed it was
    the only option on that time since
    the hospital don’t even have water for patients and staff. my personal opinion, I hate to say it but
    based on that conditions and in that
    situation I can not watch my pet even dying slowly and suffering.
    3. Euthanized pet did not make it any easier nor correct the action of euthanasia, nobody has the right to
    decide someones life
    4. I am happy, pleased, and grateful for the staff members and all the nurses.
    May that kind of tragedy should never happen again, may God bless them.

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