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    Charity Kabari

    The key decisions that kept people alive was compressing the inflatable Ambu-bag provide ventilation for the life care patients. The decisions that made that resulted to death was euthanizing the patients that they new were to the point of sickness that had no return.
    The man calling for help was just a distraction in efforts to rob people of their belongings. Pets were brought to the hospital because patients did not want to leave their pets at home and be alone during the storm.
    Cloverleaf was an important land mark for rescue however the landmark did not have the proper equipment and supplies like food and shelter and proper meds.
    Mark LeBlancs feelings in this situation is not understood in my part. Usually families in current settings with no disaster but with floors being very short are not understanding with residents not getting types of care in a timely manner. That arguable because they don’t understand the circumstances of management and staff however when there is a crisis outside of the hospital or Nursing home and everyone is trying to be admitted at once and need help; his reaction to it is very self centered and the fact that he isn’t able to put his foot on the staffs shoes is not surprising but also sad.
    I don’t believe that the ranking system of evacuation was the greatest. I would argue that a utilitarian approach in this situation does not exist because there’s different ways you can rank someones like and chances of living. One person can argue that the most hurt people should leave first because because the others that are well off can wait a little longer with less resources. Some my argue the opposite that you should evaluate the people that are well to do because they have a greater chance of living and just like this situation it left a lot of people dead. I beehive that the people that were the most hurt should have left first to preserve more life. Another argument that I had is that this was probably done so that the deceased bodies could be put to use by the people that were not well to do but not as bad as the people that were deemed like “it was going to happen anyway”. With triage there may have been many issue such as triage medicine was probably the fast decision making in a crisis like this.
    I believe the best approach for organ sharing is to take money out of it so that staff and especially owners do not euthanize patients with he urge to use their organs to save “more important” lives and to save money.

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