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    1. The ventilation system of using the nursing hands were able to regulate body for some of the patients. Mostly the vulnerable babies who were in such critical condition. This process gave some longevity until rescue assistance was available for them. The key components that kept people alive were to move the ones who are capable of self direction to immobilize themselves to a safer area, and did not need higher level of care as frequently. The downfall to the deaths was the DNR’s, individuals who were considered to be sicker or weaker were left behind for the last resort of evacuation. They were passed over as having a very slim chance of survival if they were rescued compared to the ones who did not need much care, because of lost of time and decline in status.
    2. The men in the boat were prospective looters who were taking advantage of the fact the many civilians and hospital staff were looking for rescue personnel to get out of their grim environment. Pets were considered part of families and many did not want to part with their beloved animals. Cloverleaf was the transfer and holding station rescue base off of interstate 10.
    3. He is viewing as an outsider as to why is everyone just sitting around and not doing anything to assist the patients who are terminally ill during this horrific time. His anguish overcame him with emotions because his concern for his love one would not give the ability to look at logic at what the staff had to combat for the last 48 hours with the drastic conditions. His focus was on his mother and her safety. 4.The most sickest patients should be the ones triaged and evacuated first as per most protocol to stabilize their conditions. Practical approach is for the greater good, and a much better practice to attest to safety and justification when it comes to life saving measures. For organ sharing practical approach will still applied, because focus would those on the waiting list the severity of the individuals waiting on the organs.

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