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    Carine Mbilia

    1.What strikes me about Dr. Pou is her ability to care about well-being of her patients to the point of risking her own life. Few people would like to stay and continue doing their work in such situation like Hurricane Katrina. As a healthcare professional in such situation, it’s important to prioritize safety and to ensure the well-being of yourself and the people around you and that’s what doctor Pou did.
    Her strengths: She is professional, seen as brave and strong leader, caring, compassionate, able to make good decisions during crisis. Her weakness according to the disaster, she didn’t prevent a better preparation, seen like she had no experience in dealing with such situations.

    2.To know that the hospital was aware about the situation, the fact to see the struggle they went through I have feeling of disaster gives me a feeling of worry and fear.

    3.As memorial shifts from ” assault mode” to “survival mode” martial law is to maintain security and safety. Martial low allow the military to restore law and order during the unmanageable social crisis.

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