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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    How are nurses Cheri Landry and Lori Budo faring? Karen Wynn? All three women are back to work, caring for patients.
    What did you think of their testimony before the grand jury? I believe their testimony just added to the depth of the defense.
    Whose testimony was conspicuously absent from the grand jury proceedings? Theile’s testimony was missing from the grand jury proceeding. I think he was trapped in his hell with worry and medical conditions. I believe that what he went through with the cancer was an enlightening experience, and I hope it made him a better provider.
    Engage the questions on Page 453: “What was it about death in the United States? Why did it seem like Americans were so unprepared for it when it occurred?” What attitudes about death exist outside the United States? I think death and the hastening of it are still “taboos.” Dr. Kavorkian tested those boundaries on consented and “regulated” assisted suicide. Outside of the US, it has been more widely spoken about and practiced.
    Reflect on the differing opinions offered following the grand jury decision. In your opinion, was justice served? Why or why not? I may be on the side of the minority opinion; I respect that. That said, it was murder. I believe that the sickest patients should have been removed first. I think the retelling of tales was bent, and the narrative was controlled. I believe this was all political. One line at the beginning of the book stuck with me…” I feel an evil presence” (or something to that effect). I want to believe that everything was generous, that these patients were “let go” out of compassion…but I think they were let go so everyone could leave. This is just my opinion.

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