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    Natalia Virgin

    1. Ethical duties are the actions that people have to perform, when ones failed it, it is their responsibility to carry the consequence instead of blaming it on others. Hurricane Katrina 2005 happened with the prediction of two federal agencies got it right: the National Weather Service and the National Hurricane Center. They forecast the path of the storm and the potential for devastation, according to NBCnews.com therefore the government should be able to take preventive actions.
    2. The first thing, John Tiele thought, was the Golden Rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Thiele was Catholic and had been influenced by a Jesuit priest, Father Harry Tompson, a mentor who had taught him how to live and treat people. Thiele had also adopted a motto he had learned in medical school: “Heal Frequently, Cure Sometimes, Comfort Always.” It seemed obvious what he had to do, robbed of all most any control of the situation except the ability to offer comfort.
    This would be no ordinary comfort, not the palliative care he had learned about in a week-long course that certified him to teach the practice of relieving but, with no power, no water, no supply, no help, and no communication make, it harder to predict when the misery will end.
    3. Everyone involved in a patient’s care should understand how a person’s history and cultural and religious background may influence expectations, needs, and choices at the end of life. Different cultural and ethnic groups may have various expectations about what should happen and the type of care a person receives. Unfortunately, what happen at Memorial Hospital when Hurricane Katrina stunk the condition were not normal, no one can tell when they will be saved or is the help ever come ! it was a chaos and devastating 5 days .

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