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    Natalia Virgin

    1. Final death count found at the chapel of Memorial Hospital was 45 death was unusually higher
    than other facilities.
    2. Tenet showed they were well prepared by chartered helicopter to fly outpatients, to Tenet
    corporation-owned Memorial Hospital when the Katrina hurricane hit in 2007.
    3. Family was informed about the loved ones through a call unless, for Emmet’s wife, she has to
    make calls to find out what happened to Emmet, her husband.
    4.MIdazolam is a conscious sedation medication that has rapid onset action peak in 15 minutes
    and Morphine is a post-operative acute pain the peak is 2-5minutes, and the interactions of the
    two medicine can produce high sedation, this fact that the investigator found on the deceased
    bodied that led to further investigation.
    5.”Don’t get attached!” as to stay professional and clear and not to get involved too personally in
    order to stay objective without leading any assumptions.

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