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    Marissa Cooper

    1) The meeting was to talk about what was currently going on in the hospital and how to continue proper rescue efforts.They talked about how, and what individuals would be rescued.

    2) Dr. Diechmann was against it. The others felt it was best to end suffering assuming those people wouldn’t get rescued. My thoughts are, while I would want to end their suffering, I am not God. It would be hard to watch someone suffer, but I would let life takes its course. What is meant, is meant. I can’t say they are wrong either because it came from a place of care with no malice intent.

    3) People wanted to keep their pets but they weren’t first priority. In my opinion I don’t think euthanizing pets made it any easier to euthanize patients. I am aware that most pets are like actual family to their owners, but there is still a difference. I wish the situation didn’t cause for pets or humans to be euthanized. It was just an unfortunate situation.

    4) I was feeling sad and wishing the outcome could’ve been different. The woman having to leave her mother was very heartbreaking to me. I feel as if it was truly up to the healthcare workers, no one would’ve been left behind. It’s easy to say what we would have done in that situation, until we are actually in that situation. I feel like they did what they thought was best.

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