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    Akeem Shobukanla

    Hello Peers, my name is Akeem. This is my first attempt in a hospitable industry but has been an eye-opening experience so far! And I must confess that it is such a great honor to be part of this great feat. I am a Resident Instructor with an Easter seal, a non-profit organization that is doing a huge job at helping, and re-focusing the abilities of kids with disabilities in our society. I am married with two beautiful and amazing kids. I am always ready to help and show compassion to my residents, patients, and clients. I strongly believe that for any Health practitioner to excel in this field one must be able to demonstrate, kindness, respect, and humility around the subjects at all times. Lastly, I became a Licensed Nursing Assistant a few months ago and it has been an awesome journey so far caring for people that every single second of their lives depends on their caregivers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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