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    Alexis LaRocque

    The five styles of writing are narrative, expository, descriptive, creative and persuasive.
    I personally like to write persuasive and descriptive. Persuasive writing is essentially arguing a point of view, or opinion, supporting it with evidence and details. Descriptive writing is a way of putting thought and detail into the situation or thing you are describing, descriptive writing is almost informative.

    Rosa Rubera

    I agree I like persuasive writing, I like to express my opinion with evidence based facts.

    Cynthia Bolumbu

    Hi Alexis,I like persuasive writing

    Tina Vaillancourt

    Hello Alexis,
    I personally do not enjoy writing but I can appreciate how persuasive writing could be fun to change or influence someone’s thought process.

    Brandon Johnson

    Hi Alexis. I definitely love persuasive writing as well. The opportunity to change someone’s opinion on a topic is very intriguing.

    Stephanie Goddu

    I personally like to use either creative and expository writing styles. I feel comfortable adding my own personal experiences into my writing!


    persuasive and argumentative writing are my favorite in a lot of ways they’re very similar.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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