Five styles of writing

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    Casey Braley

    There are 5 styles of writing. Those styles are narrative, analytical, expository, persuasive, and argumentative. In narrative writing, the main character encounters a problem. In analytical writing, evidence is analyzed. The thought process the writer has gone through to arrive at a conclusion is discussed. Expository writing is used to explain, describe and inform the reader. Persuasive writing is when the writer uses certain words to convince you that they are right in their opinion. Argumentive writing, you investigate, collect, generate, evulate, and establish a position on the topic.
    I think I’m more of a persuasive writer. I don’t write very much, but when I do, I like to convince people that my opinion is right.

    Samantha Hurd

    Just from the small amount of time we have talked and worked a few shifts together i could see that from you.

    Blair Huard

    I don’t write very much either. In school I was definitely more of a math person. I did what I needed to pass English and be done with it.

    Tyler Lawrence

    I can totally relate to the being a persuasive writer! There is nothing wrong with being strong willed haha! I also don’t write very much but when I do I try to really sell my point and convince people that what they are reading is correct. Hopefully by the end of this year all of us greener writers will have a little more confidence in the game and writing essays will be second nature “fingers crossed”.

    Stacia Correa

    I agree persuasive would be 1 of my writing styles. I can convince anyone that I’m right. HAHA

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