Five styles of writing styles

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    Shaleen Gilpatric

    I myself could get into all five types of writing. Narrative is a bit boring but informative usually. Analytical writing is one of my favorites for I analyze everything. Expository to me is important for comprehending better. Persuasive well, I can persuade anyone…….LOL I’m here all week guys. to the last one…….argumentative writing is my favorite for I am good at arguing or a interesting rebuttal.

    Natalie Hernandez

    well you definitely have the persuasive and argumentative writing down… lol. i guess some people would find narrative boring if they’re not used to reading genre that fall into that writing style. i love narratives, the more detailed the better. i love being transported into a different place or experiencing that feeling where you forget you’re reading and can see the images so clearly in your mind that you feel like you’re actually there.

    Casey Braley

    Narratives are a great read as well. I like to slip out of reality and see what the reader is writing as well. I can definitely see you being persuasive and argumentative writer. What you enjoy reading versus what you enjoy writing can be like night and day.

    Samantha Hurd

    LOL shaleen yes i agree you could persuade anyone. I also agree with the argumentative, your voice is very powerful which helps when arguing and opinion.

    Blair Huard

    Shaleen I know I can always count on you for a penny for your thought! You are born talker and I could bet money on you any day to be able to persuade anybody on anything 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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