Five Styles of Writing

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    Blair Huard

    The five styles of writing are narrative, analytical, expository, persuasive, and argumentive. Narrative writing is also known as story writing which can be fictional or nonfictional. Analytical writing is evaluative and critical, it focuses on “why”, “how”, and “so what”. Expository writing aims to inform its reader. Persuasive writing is nonfiction and provides logical arguments. Argumentive writing is essentially an essay or research paper about events, ideas, or phenomena.

    The kind of writer that I am is not a writer at all. I find writing very challenging because I can verbalize my ideas but putting them into words on paper is a struggle. I find staying focused and on topic is hard for me when my mind likes to think of many things all at once. If I had to pick one style of writing to be the easier of them all it would have to be argumentive writing.

    Tyler Lawrence

    Oh man do I hear you on not exactly being the next J.K Rowling! It is pretty fascinating how things we experience in everyday life can be broken down into these points of writing without us even realizing it. Absolutely hear you as far as being drawn towards argumentative writing. If there is one thing that comes pretty naturally for me its arguing “just ask Haley”. Who knows by the end of all this maybe writing essays will become something of enjoyment …. or at least we can all hope !

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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