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    Marisol Jaimez

    1) I couldn’t even image what Sheri Fink had to give up in her life. I could only think with 500 people interviewed for this book, brought sadness, anger, nightmares etc. With the mental health that came along with those who survived the flood must have brought back some memories that on one wants to relive. Im sure Sheri got some angry people that didn’t want to talk about what had happened.With that many interview she stated that some recalled somethings different then others. She would have had to find the most commonly told stories that added up to be the same. Some dilemmas she may have encountered would have been the sadness, confusion, and the over whelming since of pain she felt from some patient, nurses and refugees.To hear the doctors had to cut corners for some patients to make sure they had enough medication to help them end lives.
    2) Dr Pou,and some of the other medical staff made some harsh choices out of protocol.In every hospitals they always remove the sickest patient first to make sure they get the care they need and work their way up the list. Ending the life patients that are the sickest breaks my heart and I am sure for Sheri to hear this, I’m sure her emotions were shown on her face even trying to stay neutral. If I was in the situation I would like to think I would follow protocol. My heart would hurt for those that are healthy having to wait but would they would understand that patients that needed more care would have to go first. I would also like to think I would give my patient that were the sickest an opinion on what they would like to do. Hearing the prolong bring me to our current pandemic of Covid.How we need decided who was sick enough for the ventilator but strong enough to survive after coming off the ventilator. Who was mandated to get a vaccine. Healthcare works leaving because they were unsure of the effects would be. Healthcare administration said the weakest and the people of a certain age were to get vaccinated. As a healthcare provider in a lab, seeing patient pass away one by one was heart breaking. But we followed protocol, we didn’t get make our own rules.
    3) Doctors and nurse were given expectations from the evacuation to help with the hospital which has with stood numerous of hurricanes for decades since 1927 with back up generators along with fridgatar to help keep food safe. Needless to say the waters and wind were to much for this hospital this times.

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