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    Melissa Griffin

    Sheri Fink accomplished a great deal being able to hold and organize 500 different interviews. I would imagine it would be like a vicious game of the childhood game telephone. Accounts of traumatic events would be understandingly hard to relive. During these situations, you may have 100 different perspectives about the same ordeal. Fink would have to gather many details, and stories, but still never have the complete truth.
    Having a medical background, Fink would have many thoughts on why these workers would ethically believe what they were doing was right. It would be unrealistic to say what one would do in this situation without being in their position, and the decisions they were forced to make.
    Society as a whole will always want someone to be in charge. To have a fearless leader, that will show us the way. In a hospital setting, who else would be in charge.. but the doctors. (Even though we all know the nurses run everything.) The Doctors would be put in a position to oversee which patients would be evacuated. The disaster plan that was put in place would have been ideal, but the circumstances were what no one believed they could be. To have a system break down that quickly in today’s time, in the US is unimaginable. I believe the doctors felt what was did was the best-case scenario.
    I hope to never be put in a situation like this, I do not know what I would do. Whatever choice that I did have to make would be in the best interest of my resident/patient.
    Hospitals, jails, the Super dome were not evacuated. Hospitals are needed, for all the injuries that would accrue. It wouldn’t have made since to move all of the patients at the time. They didn’t realize how bad the storm was going to be.
    Yes, there would be some flooding, but the hospitals have survived that in past years. They had made some improvements with the generators. Local residents were told to fill their tubs with water and bring an axe to the attic with them to cut through the roof in needed.
    It boggles my mind that society still has proceeded to build and develop knowing they could be wiped out by flooding like in past years. It’s like rebuilding your house every few years living in tornado alley. There is no way to determine the force of mother nature.

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