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    Hannah Daigle

    1.) Dr. Evans had to decide who would get the ventilators and the six outlets. She had it figure out who was the sickest, and would truly not survive without it, or those who would most likely survive with it.

    2.) The patients were evacuated sooner, and were able to get out and survive. They made sure hospitals had supplies and were able to survive if anything had happened.

    3.) In that quote Fink was saying, the choices being made during disaster aren’t made based on medical or scientific facts, its based on the individual morals who is making the decisions.

    4.) Based on the book, the justice system in my opinion is messed up. The people making the decision and arresting the Doctor and nurses were not there. It is not hard to put yourself in their shoes and think about all of the trauma they went through making these decisions. The state of Louisiana and the company that owns the hospital and LifeCare floor should be the ones held responsible for the patients dying. There was no help and these people had to make life or death decisions as they weren’t sure when the next boat or helicopter would arrive, and there was people who were suffering.

    5. I do agree. We have people in the government making decisions for the country that they think are going to be beneficial for us, but in reality they make these decision based on their own options and don’t put us people into consideration. A relevant example, Roe V. Wade being over turned. A decision made by nine, effects the 300 million of us who live in the U.S and we get no say on the decision we just have to accept it.

    6.) Education will help prepare us to critically think. Also, educating on situations like hurricane Katrina will benefit the staff and patients. Having a plan and knowing what to do when disaster strikes will improve the aftermath. I don’t think any amount of education will prepare you to make life or death decisions for patients. This will always be a hard topic to discuss and decision to make.

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