Dr. Anna Pou

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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) Dr. Pou was a good person who actually compassionate about her patients, she was their advocate. She cares for the poor as well. She loves teaching and very detail-oriented person. According to the book, “she was methodical and explained things carefully to residents and nurse”. Pou strength includes caring, teaching, dedication, problem solving and good in getting along with others. One of her weaknesses includes workaholic, she also like controlling others and judgmental sometimes.
    2) I think they didn’t prepare enough for the storm despite being warned. On the Monday evening they thought the storm was over and they have survived the Hurricane Katrina not knowing they will be dealing with flood in the next day. Even though hurricane, flood and power outage were ranked as highest emergencies priority by Mulderisk’s emergency committee, it was unfortunate that the hospital’s preparedness plans were flawed and offer no plan on how the hospital will be evacuated in case street flooding or how to deal with total power failure.
    3) Martial law was instated because of the looting.

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