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    Rachel Vargo

    1) I was most shocked by how unprepared Dr. Pou was for Katrina, which was apparent by the fact that she could only find crackers and tuna at her house to eat and was more worried about working than the threat of New Orleans facing 15 feet of water. She seemed the least prepared of all her coworkers despite how incredibly particular she was. Her strengths include stamina, confidence in her abilities, and an unbeatable dedication to her profession. Ultimately her obsession with work could be her biggest weakness as she had no balance between work and her personal life. Regardless of how much good she did for the patients she cared for, revolving her life around work took a toll on her marriage and I’m sure her mental health as well.

    2) I feel horrible for the residents of New Orleans because the people voted into positions of power and leadership are responsible for doing their best to keep the city safe. Not only the city leaders, but the hospital ones as well. Not having a generator on higher ground or more than an eleven page plan regarding hurricanes is mind-blowing to me. How could that many people be okay with being so careless and unprepared?

    3) New Orleans was in an acute state of emergency, and many people were resorting to violence and looting due to immense fear and panic. Many doctors and nurses began to worry about people seeking drugs from Memorial and harming both staff and patients. Marital law was put in place in an attempt to keep everyone as safe as possible given the circumstances.

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