Dr. Anna Pou

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    Hannah Daigle

    1.) So far, I think Dr. Pou is a strong doctor. She advocates for her patients, and takes constructive criticism from her peers. It seems she may lack empathy towards her patients and is by the book, but she does what is best by them.

    2.) I remember when Katrina happened, it was all over the news with record flooding all over New Orleans. I assumed that all the flooding was from the hurricane passing over. When I read that when the hurricane made landfall it was only a category 2 I was shocked, I thought that’s it? The entire city flooded because of a category 2 hurricane? Once I got to the part when the national guard came to let them know to expect fifteen feet of water coming, because the levee system broke, that was scary. I feel for this city, they were let down by their leaders for not updating the levee system.

    3.)Martial Law was first instated to the neighboring town for looting. The looting had become worse, and the people in the hospital could see people going into buildings and ransacking the place, so martial law was instated.

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