Dr. Anna Pou

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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. A strength of Dr. Pou’s is that she does not give up on her patients. She wants to give the best care possible regardless of prognosis or financial ability. Along with that strength, it could also be a weakness of hers. During the hurricane, Sheri Fink stated that Dr. Pou put her focus on some patients that may have died regardless of the situation instead of focusing on the patients that have a better prognosis.

    2. Reading the chapters that explained the generators failing even after the hurricane was over, for the most part, I was overcome with sympathy for the hospital staff. I almost feel as though they were let down by the administration of the hospital. The book explains how many of the generator power circuits were on the ground level, even after the near miss of past hurricanes. Eric Yancovich tried to explain the importance but was overlooked due to the costs.

    3. Martial Law was instated because the city of New Orleans was experiencing a state of emergency. Memorial Hospital was worried lotters would try to enter the hospital looking for drugs or the harm patients.

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