Dr. Anna Pau

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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    1. We know Dr. Pou will be a significant figure in this story. What about Fink’s description of her strikes you the most? The attribute that strikes me the most about Dr. Pou is her upbringing. Dr. Pou was a born caregiver, religious, intelligent, and kind. Fink’s description regarding Dr. Pou leads me to believe that she will feel an overwhelming amount of guilt if she leaves people to die or is that cause in which they are injected to help speed death.
    What are her strengths and weaknesses? Dr. Pau is intelligent, caring, a leader, and compassionate. Her liability could be that she cares too much, feels the need to win people over, and is a bleeding heart. Also, Dr. Pau can’t see the big picture at this point. Competent but lacking in finesse.

    2. Memorial sustained damage but remained functional on backup power as Hurricane Katrina passed through New Orleans. But, we know that other perils await the doctors and patients in the coming days. How do you feel after reading this part of the book? I dread knowing these Doctors will have to make a tough decision. I feel that this book is tough to put down as I am anticipating what comes next.
    3. Memorial shifts from “assault mode” to “survival mode,” we see snapshots of the chaos outside the hospital walls. Why is martial law instated? Martial law is instated due to the looting and chaos happening in New Orleans. New Orleans is now a disaster zone.

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