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    Marisol Jaimez

    1) Dr Pou has shown a few weaknesses and some good strength. She had the knowledge of medicine and sounds like she really cares for her patients, but when things started to get a scary with the marital law changing to survival mood because of the chaos outside and the generator not working I felt like her composure got the best of her. I feel like that is when she start to last empathy for the sickest patients.
    2) With days to come and back up generator no longer working I feel as if the administration for health care in the Hospital was over looked even though it was brought into account several time in meeting before that the generator needs to be moved off the ground level so when flooding was to get bad it could with stand the storms. I feel as if they fail all the patients and staff and a lot of lives could have been saved if they had just put the money into changing the location of a few things.
    3)Martial Law went into effect to do all the chaos that was happening out the walls of people grabbing whatever they could find to take. People were becoming violate and looking for ways to survive, so it went from assault mode to survival mode for everyone including the hospital

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