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    Rachel Vargo

    After completing the LPN program, I plan to continue working where I work now, the Geropsychiatric unit at Elliot hospital. It is the only unit in the hospital where I could work without an RN and I don’t plan to wait very long to do the LPN to RN program (assuming it happens). So I think it makes more sense and would be easier than going to a new facility until I have my RN. I hope to work in either a NICU or labor and delivery department once I have my RN. Those were my favorite units to work on when I was on the LNA float team at Elliot.
    Originally I wanted to pursue a BSN or MSN a year or two after my RN. But since I am not interested in any management positions until I am older and have had some years of experience, I plan to work for a few years before continuing my education past my RN. Bedside nursing is what intrigues me the most anyway, as I feel like I am directly making a positive impact on a daily basis.
    I am excited to see where nursing takes me and know there are endless opportunities for growth and change in this ever-growing field!

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