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    Rachel Vargo

    1) The group of doctors met to discuss how rough the situation was at Memorial and the general consensus was that everyone was going to die. They were frustrated with administration for ending the helicopter evacuation and there was also no hope for government intervention at this point. They decided to take action instead of waiting for instruction, so they picked people to find help for an evacuation and others to re-triage patients. They wanted to spread hope that everyone would be getting out alive. At the official gathering, Susan Mulderick talks about what resources remain, the food staff says they are running out of supplies, and Dr. Baltz commends everybody for their hard work. At the end of the meeting, the hospital CFO announces that he spoke to Tenant and private helicopters will be dispatched for evacuation. The people wanted specifics, but nobody had answers.

    2) Dr. Deichmann is repulsed by the idea of euthanasia and states there is no need to do that and it is illegal. Susan Mulderick thinks it is inhumane for people to live in such conditions and quietly proposes the idea of euthanasia to several doctors, but never took responsibility for doing so. She later denies her involvement in the idea. Dr. Pou obviously agrees as she goes to Dr. Cook for medication recommendations to carry out the plan. Dr. Cook understands what is being asked and tells her what medications would get the job done. I think it is disgusting that Mulderick hatched this plan but knowing the legal action that could be taken, acts like she had no part in it. It infuriates me even more that she was the one that called off the helicopters, but has the nerve to say people shouldn’t be living in those conditions. I truly believe they wouldn’t have even had to consider euthanasia had she not made that call, which she had no reason to do.

    3) Mulderick and Pou were sick of people asking how to help their pets. Susan was especially mad that people were paying attention to dogs and cats when people were suffering in the next room. I think it definitely made it easier on the staff to euthanize patients after euthanizing many pets. For example, Cockerham wondered why they were sparing animals from suffering but allowing humans to be tortured.

    4) Had Mulderick not stopped the helicopter evacuation, I don’t think there would’ve been any patients left at that point. I feel terribly sad for the patients that had no say in their fate and would not leave Memorial alive. I feel even worse for the family members that helped carry patients to rescue and helped the staff for days, but had to leave their own loved ones to die in the hospital.

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