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    Rachel Vargo

    1) Memorial turned people away because they did not have the resources or staff to accept and help more people. They couldn’t take care of the patients that were already there and were attempting to evacuate them. I don’t believe race was a factor in turning people away considering the first and only woman to receive help was African American. There also weren’t any racist decisions made regarding the order of evacuation or priority of care within the hospital.

    2) Given the extreme situation, euthanizing the pets was the most ethical thing to do considering what would’ve happened if they didn’t. Pets weren’t allowed in evacuation vehicles, so they would’ve resorted to fighting and killing each other for food and to survive, as that is there instinct.

    3) Yes it is possible and both Dr. Cook and Cathy Green knew that Merle had many loved ones but was also dying. However, Dr. Cook is more of a realist and Cathy is more of an optimist. Cathy held the sentimental value of Merle living for a few more days or weeks higher than the fact that she was going to die soon anyway. Dr. Cook understood that the resources she needed could be used for people facing a much better outcome. In the medical field, you must find a good balance between optimism and realism, but they were in a situation you should never have to face in the first place as a doctor or nurse.

    4) There were countless factors that contributed to failed communication during the days after Katrina. The radio used to communicate with the Coast Guard could only be used for a few minutes at a time since the battery was dying. They were given satellite phones instead, except nobody knew how to operate them. Federal, state, and local communication systems were unable to exchange information leading to each potential source of help having a different priority list. Memorial was first on a few lists, but last on others. This was in part due to the fact that Tenet continued to fail to mention that Memorial was without power, especially since this was the source of most of their worsening issues.

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