Discussion Week 6

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    Taylor Ouellette

    1. They were not only short on supplies, but the staff was exhausted and the hospital had no power. Though they turned several people away, they did take in a very sick African American woman. So I don’t believe it was motivated by race.
    2. I don’t believe it was necessary to euthanize the pets, but I can understand that options were limited. They were not allowed on the boats and supplies were scarce already.
    3. I absolutely believe we should treat the whole person. Yes Merle has cancer, which needs to be dealt with. But she’s also someone’s loved one, which shouldn’t be taken for granted. Kathy Green simply believes all life is precious.
    4. The radio antennas were damaged, and telephone wires were down. Memorial was also placed very low on the priority list with the misunderstanding that they were much better off than they were.

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