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    Rachel Vargo

    1) Karen Wynn was experiencing PTSD from the traumatic experience she faced at Memorial during Katrina. It was so awful for her that she even stated she didn’t want to be a nurse anymore and would jokingly rather sell shoes. She still stands by the decisions made during Katrina and her only regret was letting her daughter evacuate by herself. Landry and Budo were very honest in their testimonies, and they’re stories matched perfectly. They admitted to giving morphine and midazolam without following the hospitals rules, but the DA insisted the jury wasn’t made aware of those rules. Virginia Rider was never called back to testify even though she knew every detail involved and could’ve made a massive difference.

    2) The U.S. is a very materialistic nation and we feel we have lost a person when they die rather than viewing it as the end of a gift they’ve given us. We also don’t like to experience pain and conflict and seeing a loved one pass can bring both of those emotions to the surface. Some cultures outside of the U.S. celebrate death and it is seen as moving on to your “next life”. Also in Europe, assisted suicide is legal if the patient expresses multiple times that they would like to pass away. Most Americans believe we should do everything we can to extend our lives, no matter the quality.

    3) It’s interesting to me that the district attorney and Foti had completely different views about the case, proving Foti just wanted to be part of a high profile case to be re-elected. I agree with Michael Morales that the case proved there was a greater need to evacuate in future storms. In my opinion, justice was not served. I agree with not convicting Dr. Pou and the nurses with homicide, but definitely feel others like Susan Mulderick should have faced consequences since they caused so much of the situation. No responsibility was held by the individuals that made major decisions with negative outcomes

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