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    Rachel Vargo

    1) Pou’s arrest is extremely aggravating and I am sure she felt defeated and blindsided. She was willing to surrender herself to police if it was deemed that she would be arrested, but instead Foti wanted to use her as an example of how great he was at prosecution. It stood out to me that Susan Mulderick was mentioned in the official arrest affidavit saying “Mulderick told Pou that nobody alive would be left behind, and Pou took it to mean euthanize everyone”. Mulderick deserves the arrest over anyone else and it infuriates me that she was able to completely shift the blame on to hard working nurses and Pou.

    2) Innocence will be determined based off of whether the evidence will show that there was a motive to kill and whether the circumstances were extenuating.

    3) Leadership skills during a crisis come from both training and experience. The staff in leadership roles at the hospital should be required to have experience and prove that they can make critical decisions during times of high stress. They also should have had yearly training on hurricanes and disaster planning to better understand the importance of their jobs and ensure they have up-to-date skills on how to handle unpredicted crises.

    4) Charity was much more prepared to begin with and also made much better decisions once Katrina hit. Even with twice as many patients as Memorial and a lower ratio of staff to patients, they managed to have less than 10 patient deaths. They used federal preparedness funds to purchase portable generators and oxygen-powered ventilators which kept patients alive easier than the Ambu-bags Memorial had for their patients ventilated by hand. Charity also remained more calm during the disaster by keeping the hospital routine pretty normal and keeping patients in their rooms. They also made sure to focus on their employees by having meetings every 4 hours, and encouraging workers to maintains normal shifts and regular sleep schedules. This showed other hospitals that remaining as calm as possible and having adequate training and preparedness will set you up for great success in times of crisis.

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