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    Rachel Vargo

    1) The final patient death count at Memorial was much larger than any other surrounding hospital or nursing home.

    2) Tenet would’ve had to prove they followed their disaster plan perfectly. This would cause them to shut the case quickly.

    3) After the bodies were recovered and the attorney general launched an investigation, Tenet selected a few employees to call and inform the families of the deaths. The callers were given 5 rules to follow when contacting the families. The patients were taken to nearby hospitals which left them feeling abandoned. Some Memorial staff, family members, and LifeCare employees were taken by Tenet helicopters and buses to the Anatole Hotel and other hospitals where they could shower and receive a hot meal.

    4) Most of the family members did not expect their loved ones to die very shortly after the last time they saw them, which made the deaths start to look suspicious. The autopsy revealed very high levels of morphine in 9 of the patients and high levels of midazolam in 9 other patients. The doses of morphine were high enough to easily end someone’s life and midazolam should never be given continuously. Midazolam should only be used for short periods in the operating room or for intubation.

    5) Butch Schafer’s comment about not getting emotionally involved stems from his daughter’s recent death from medication interactions prescribed for her RA. He warns his colleague with this statement because cases often don’t result in the way you expect them to and it helps them do their job better to not get intense feelings for the tragedy the patients and families faced.

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