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    1. Fink must have experienced difficult, terrible, and frustrating challenges crafting the book, she works hard to remain objective in her reporting. conducting over 500 interviews, which was great evidence of her meticulous research. Her experience in various conflict zones around the world and her subsequent work as a journalist make her particularly qualified to sift through the chaotic reports. it’s obviously done lots of research and writing. Her own effort to get the truth led her to interview hundreds of medical and administrative staff and government officials to see the story from as many sides as possible.
    2. The prologue raises a different question. Why wasn’t the hospital evacuated before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans? Why would a big hospital have no evacuation rescue? in circumstances like this, What would I do?
    She was placed because there was no organized rescue plan in place for the memorial patients, and many were reportedly too ill to evacuate under the condition, she administered morphine to patients with the knowledge that the medication might hasten their death, her intention was to help the patients that were having pains and sedate the patients who were anxious.
    What I would have done is protect the lives of the vulnerable people in my own capacity
    3. The mayor exempted New Orleans hospital from his mandatory evacuation order; because the storm struck the levees breached by Hurricane Katrina causing widespread flooding that ravaged the city.
    The physicians and nurses of the memorial hospital were also given an order in which the sickest patients were designated to be the last for evacuation.
    when Hurricane Katrina drew closer, thousands of people decamped after their homes, looking for refuge, people crouched on root tops pleading to be saved. there was also a fear of looters and violence breaking out amidst the chaos, and gunshots were frequently heard outside the hospital.

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