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    Lucy Guerra

    The challenges that Sheri Fink must have faced in order to craft the book was picking which interviews she would use. I am sure it was an emotional process interviewing everyone.
    The dilemmas that she must have faced on her own while researching and writing are getting the right stories and not being biased based on her own options.

    The prologue opens with the crux of the life or death issues doctors faced at Memorial Hospital. What questions does the prologue raise for you about Hurricane Katrina? The question I have is why the hospital didn’t evacuate sooner.

    Why do you think doctors like Dr. Pou were ultimately placed in the predicament to prematurely extinguish the lives of their patients? What would you have done given the circumstances? Note: We will engage this “Big Question” again after reading the book. Dr. Pou made the Choice she thouth was best at the time. I don’t know what I would have done. I think if I was in a situation that Dr.Pou was where she had to choose right then, I would choose the decision that I knew was best at that moment and felt right.

    Who was given exemptions from the mandatory evacuation? Why? What other orders given were significant? What “old knowledge” and customs were presented in the book as Hurricane Katrina drew closer? Hospitals, longterm care facilities and healthcare workers were given exemption from the mandatory evacuation due to the patients that needed help. This people couldn’t just move to a different state with their conditions.

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