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    Busayo Asebioyo

    1) Dr. Pou first concern after the arrest was her patients, it is very rare to see a person in that situation to still thinking about other people that might need her help. “What about my patients?” She asked the officers. She was a selfless person, she contacted another Doctor to help with the patients before she followed the officers. Even though I don’t support euthanizing the patients, but I felt so bad for her because she loves and care for her patients. I think she won’t be happy with the whole situation, probably thinking she was being unjustly prosecuted for helping patients relieve from their suffering.

    2)Innocence or guilt will be determined based on the evidence provided before a grand jury or judge, prosecutor has to prove that the patients death is homicide and they were responsible for the death of the patients. For the second degree murder, prosecutor has to prove that Dr. Pou had a specific intent to kill.

    3) Leadership skills are acquired through training and experience. Strategic thinking and creativity developed through training and experience help to be more effective during crises.

    4)Charity Hospital staff were well equipped for the hurricane, they have good plan in place for the disaster and special disaster training was provided to the hospital security officers. The staff were not disorganized and were on top of the situation. I think proper disaster training and planning gave Charity Hospital staff more control of the situation, but the Memorial hospital staff were disorganized due to the lack proper disaster training and planning. I think the lesson here is to be proactive when you are warned of incoming disaster. Having a good plan in place and equipped staff with adequate disaster training will help in crisis management.

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