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    Nicole Stuhlmiller

    The hospital turned people away because it did not have the resources to care for more people. Those that were still left had trouble getting the care that they needed. Per one line in the book, it was primary care, not medical care. I am sure that it would appear racially motivated when you are watching black families and children being told they couldn’t be seen or given refuge…when they had housed the animals of staff and their families. I do not feel that race was a decision in this factor in this case. The factor is the lack of resources to provide care.
    I have such a hard time with euthanizing anyone or thing unless they are in pain, and it is indeed the end of life. In this case, I don’t see an alternative. To let them starve or drown would be cruel. Animals were not allowed to accompany owners when rescued. What alternatives existed given the chaos? The only other option would be to let them go, and may the odds be forever in their favor. This option seems cold and cruel.
    Dr. Cook’s views in this chapter sharply contrast with nurse Kathy Green’s. Is it possible to hold the belief that Merle Lagasse is dying of cancer AND that she is somebody’s mother? I am not a fan of Dr.Cook. I find him to be just a horrible human. Cook has no problem bending ethical and moral grounds without remorse. My mother died of cancer and was on Morphine to help ease the transition. Yes, it is possible to know someone is dying of cancer and that she is someone’s mother.
    Mark and Sandra evacuate Vera LeBlanc as many others wait. What factors continue to plague communications during this disaster? Mark and Sandra were made entirely with how things were handled at Memorial. The communication was hideous. The right hand never knew what the left was doing. Given the history of Flooding, hurricanes, and natural disasters, one would think that they would have been prepared for disaster.

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