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    Demetri Burnett

    -The New York Times Article basically says they could have done a better job at planning things before the storm came, or even had better plans in place to be prepared for crises like such.
    -At the very beginning of the book, when the storm begins John Thiele seems to be scared & wanted to get out due to the evacuation orders that patients had to leave the hospital first & nurses and doctors last, it seems to be as if he was kind of rushing the process so that he can get out of there. In his head, he convinced himself it was righteous for him to kill people will extensive amounts of doses which wasn’t the ethical thing to do nor was it his call to do such a thing.
    -They kind of disregarded Religion and consent due to the fact of some people do not believe in different kinds of medication as well as administering these medications without any orders or even speaking with advance directives to get them involved. They just Disregarded all patient’s rights, took things into their own hands, and felt to need to give the patients they believed were the sickest medications that aided in their death.

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