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    Brigette Robichaud

    1. The hospital turned people away because they were trying to evacuate everyone out, along with the depletion of supplies. I do not believe race was a factor in the decision, the nurses and doctors had been working for 72 hours straight and wanted to get everyone out to safety.

    2. In some degree, I agree it was necessary to euthanize the pets because of lack of supplies and they are an additional factor in trying to get everyone out of the hospital. They could have let the animals live and just evacuated them along with the patients.

    3. Yes it is possible to hold the view that she is someone’s mother, but in the environment that they are currently facing, someone who will most likely die of cancer anyway, might just need to be put out of her suffering.

    4. Some of the major factors that disrupt communication during the disaster were the power outages, the flooding that lead to the generators crashing, and looting.

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